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We’re proud of the platform that Fractured Atlas provides to artists to help you raise money from your community, but we know that we’re not the only game in town. In the end, we want more artists to fundraise enough to bring their visions to life. Here are a few of the best crowdfunding platforms for artists to use. Ask supporters to create personalized fundraising pages on behalf of your cause.
(2) The allowable asset costs to acquire facilities and equipment are limited to a fair market value available to the non-Federal entity from an unrelated (arm’s length) third party. (4) Accounting records, actuarial studies, and cost allocations (or billings) must recognize any significant differences due to types of insured risk and losses generated by the various insured activities or agencies of the non-Federal entity. (1) The type of coverage and the extent of coverage and the rates and premiums would have been allowed had insurance (including reinsurance) been purchased to cover the risks. However, provision for known or reasonably estimated self-insured liabilities, which do not become payable for more than one year after the provision is made, must not exceed the discounted present value of the liability. The rate used for discounting the liability must be determined by giving consideration to such factors as the non-Federal entity’s settlement rate for those liabilities and its investment rate of return.
And is a team fundraising feature also high on your list of priorities? Your Braid Pool has a free digital debit card to spend pool funds without transferring them to a bank account. There are zero transaction, monthly, or maintenance fees, and you can put every penny to good work with your Braid card.
Your fundraising platform should collect and track fundraising data and generate necessary reports. Ensure all stakeholders are making real-time updates and relevant reports are auto-populated. Funraise offers a free plan and only charges a transaction fee if donors opt in to cover it. With RaiseDonors, you can easily create donation pages that convert and motivate viewers to donate. With unlimited donation pages and embeddable donation forms, you can use this platform for all of your fundraising needs. Custom reporting keeps you up to date about your campaign’s progress.
Fundraiser websites can be used for personal fundraising to cover medical expenses, tuition costs, or other worthy causes. Similarly, cause-based organizations employ these online solutions to fund their work and continue striving toward their missions. One of the pioneering personal fundraising websites in Europe, Ulule allows creative, innovative and community-minded projects to test their idea, build a community and grow it. If you want to start crowdfunding for artists, sign up to Ulule and start your fundraiser immediately.
Indiegogo focuses on creative services, distribution, marketing and communications, and so on. It is also targeted at the charity, thus, providing lower fees for charitable campaigns. The site uses Stripe, a tool that helps to receive payments via the internet. online fundraising sites on contributions, and 3% on Stripe credit card processing plus $0.30 for each transaction.
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