10 Top Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Schools During Covid

Offer local businesses the chance to support your PTO’s work in their community’s schools in exchange for some promotion. While not a fundraising event in itself, giving kiosks can make a perfect fundraising tool for your PTO. Raffle events make great additions to any of your other fundraising nights. Schools and parent-teacher organizations have raised thousands of dollars this way! If a shoe drive fundraiser sounds like a smart move for your PTO, contact Funds2Orgs for more information.
A 50/50 raffle can be a profitable fundraising idea for your school, as students will pay to win an unknown large amount of money. Elevate your fundraiser and get a chance to see your students bust a move. You can see participants twirl and dance to their favorite songs for a small entrance fee. Parents and children alike will love this fundraiser as it will get their blood pumping to the beat of their favorite songs. With prizes to be won and a fun time guaranteed, this is a fantastic way to raise money.
The students won’t have to worry about cramps thanks to the rubber grip pencils. Push the eraser at the top to activate and refill using 0.7 mm black lead. Metal water bottles are great giveaways for freshmen on the first day of school. The Stainless Steel Grip Bottle is durable enough to last all four years and has a nice, slim design.
Bird-a-thons are competitive and educational events for any level of birdwatchers where participants collect pledges for finding and counting bird species. Given how much people love their pets, it should come as no surprise how wildly popular pet calendars are. Start creating your pet calendar well in advance (November or December).
Be sure to address letters with recipients’ names to make them feel even more personalized. Emphasize that your fundraising efforts are urgent and critical so that every player that wants to can participate on your team. You can even include a team photo along with your handwritten letters to put faces to your cause, sparking empathy in recipients. easy school fundraisers , salted caramel, and cinnamon are just some of the delicious popcorn flavors your team can sell as part of a popcorn sale fundraiser.
Partner a well-known bookshop in your community and sell books of coupons for local restaurants, stores, and vendors. In the end, part of the proceeds will be donated to the school fundraising project. School bands are a huge thing and you can always leverage them to raise funds for a social cause. Interested bands would need to pay a registration fee, and you can also sell event tickets for interested persons.
It’s easy to pull together, can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want, and is fun to bid on for donors. Your auction must contain items that get parents excited for a night out on the town, day or relaxation, or an experience of a lifetime. If your school has a uniform, give parents the chance to bid on spirit wear days where students can wear whatever they want. These usually come in a pack of 4 or 5 so the family really gets the biggest bang for their buck. If your school doesn’t allow students off-campus for lunch, this is a great auction idea. A student and a friend can go down the street to whatever lunch spot is closest for a fun mid-week break.